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There are two different kinds of car parts: aftermarket and original. They are not created equal.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) car parts were built by the same people who made your car. When you buy an OEM part, you aren’t just getting a taillight or a windshield wiper: you’re getting a promise that this is the best part for your car, guaranteed. But in the vastness that is the internet, it can be hard to separate aftermarket parts from OEM parts.

FetchParts logo That’s where we come in.

FetchParts is taking the hard part out of searching for great quality parts by bringing the parts counter to you. Just select your car's make and model, enter in your zipcode, and FetchParts connects you with a network of over 200 OEM dealers across the nation that specialize in getting you the genuine part that your car deserves. We provide side-by-side price comparison, as well as reviews that let you make an educated choice on which dealer to buy from.

Isn't it about time that the right choice for your car was also the easy choice?

The solution is only a click away.

FetchParts: we're a car's best friend.


Let's start off by saying that we are not your competition. In fact, we want to be your partner.

Genuine, high-quality parts aren’t a luxury: they're a necessity for keeping a car running its best. People love their cars, and they want to buy OEM parts. But finding those customers is no easy task.

FetchParts logo That’s where we come in.

Our goal is to connect dealers who provide genuine parts to customers all around the nation who need them. At FetchParts, we've brought together over 200 OEM dealers who have widened their customer base and seen a great return as a result. Don't you want to be one of them?

We've made it easy for shoppers online to connect with your OEM parts counter directly. FetchParts directs the customer to your online catalog, where they can purchase the part directly from you, the dealer.

Let us extend a formal invitation to be a part of this network of over 200 OEM dealers.

We like what you're selling. Now let us help you sell it.

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